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As children of God, we are no longer bound by the guilt of our past, by sin or shame. We have been given a kingdom inheritance full of power to overcome every obstacle, every heartache, and every pain.

Rev. Kesha Williams, MS

Living Out Loud is a must-read!!!! It nourishes the soul, inspires the heart, and cuts through the noise and distractions of the world at large! Elder Cloretta reassures us that the Kingdom of God is still at hand in our lives, that we have a purpose, and that God’s promise shall manifest in due season! This is an engaging read that engenders uniquely enriching spiritual exercises in the learning, unlearning, and re-learning of the principles of the Word and Kingdom of God!

Minister A. V. Barnes

“Just finished reading this book and it is one of the most encouraging an enlightening books I’ve read in a long time. Living Out Loud is every believer’s goal and this book guides us through the obstacles of our own making to delivers us to a place of clarity that enables us to experience our Christian walk at a deeper and more profound level. Breakthroughs await you in Elder Chandler’s incredible book!”

Ms. Marie

Wow! I love this book. It’s a quick and effortless read! The author’s voice comes through so clear. She’s witty and cleaver in how easily she shares her love for God, while gently leading you to experience who the Master is in a more profound way. The questions/exercises give you a chance to really ponder and review where you are in your walk with Christ. A must read!


PRAISE THE LORD JESUS🙏🏾. I just finished reading this ON TIME FOR THIS SEASON  IN LIFE book and I will truly say that  this book, LIVING OUT LOUD: MY KINGDOM INHERITANCE, is a burden removing, yoke destroying, GOD BREATHED message to inspire, uplift, and encourage all to make a decision to TOTALLY DEPEND AND TRUST GOD in all things and for all things. I appreciate the authenticity of your personal testimony which is the testimony that so many of us share in some shape or form…. BUT GOD….. HE WILL NEVER LEAVE US OR FORSAKE US and you did an excellent job in showing this in the scriptures. Indeed you, Coco, are ANOINTED AND APPOINTED to carry out the mission that GOD GRACED you to fulfill. I appreciate the scriptures and the questions because the scriptures support the content, and the questions serve as food for thought.  DIAMOND MINING….. GLORY TO GOD!!!  Thank you for the scriptural references and recommended reading. More importantly, THANK YOU for sharing the LOVE OF GOD, and THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU…..
I am honored for the sisterhood in Christ and I am honored that I had the privilege to work with you.  GOD BLESS YOU🙏🏾

Read a sample of the first chapter below:

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Pages 4-9 not included


Before you begin, please note that this book is NOT your ordinary read.  Throughout its pages, I create an atmosphere that feels like we are in the same room, engaging in conversation.

As I share my personality and style of engagement in printed form, there will be images alongside the text to enhance the emotion and intensity that I desire to convey.

I enjoy telling this story, so there will be instances where formal grammar, rules and punctuation will be disregarded and visual cues added.  For my astute academics, please do not be irritated.  Feel free to make corrections along the way and adjust as needed


Whether a person acknowledges God or not, doesn’t stop God from being who He is, nor does it negate His existence. It means that a person or persons haven’t accepted that God is. God is still God. And as such He has made an investment in His creation. When we (saved or not, believers or not) pick up on a good (moral and beneficial) idea and “run with it” we are fulfilling our purpose. When we (saved or not, believers or not) help our fellow man to live a moral life and “do good to those who hate you and pray (or wish well) for those who would despitefully misuse you”9, we are fulfilling our purpose. Listen to what the Word of God says about God’s creation the vessels of honor and dishonor, believers, and non-believers.


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About the Music

“Living Out Loud!” is one of the many songs this gifted young women has created to glorify God and edify His body of believers

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About The Author

Cloretta Denean Chandler is known as a singer, preacher, teacher, mentor, author, and entrepreneur but the truth is she’s a down-to-earth kind of woman who loves God and cares about people. Cloretta is a native of Pueblo, Colorado, the youngest of four siblings raised in a Pastoral family of faith in God through Christ Jesus.

As a P.K. (preacher’s kid) Cloretta learned the value and worth of being a child of God and was afforded the opportunity to learn the integral workings of a viable and successful ministry. These lessons have become a fundamental part of her life. In 1998 she accepted her call into the ministry and was licensed in 1999. Cloretta developed into a powerful prognosticator of the gospel and has been described as “A Quite Storm” whose delivery and presentation of the Word draws you in and explodes with wisdom and revelation.

In 2004 Cloretta received here Certificate of Ordination and is currently pursuing a Master’ degree in Divinity. Cloretta believes in order to reach our full potential in Christ we must know who we are as children of God. We must come to the to realize that because of Christ we are no longer bound by the guilt of our past, by sin or shame. We have been given a kingdom inheritance full of power to overcome every obstacle, every heartache, and every pain.

Elder Cloretta Chandler